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Malaria N 5 - Subject N 9

S. Boureima & B. Fouta

An attempt to achieve a new epidemiological approach with regard to malaria is imperative within the context of a reform of the activities of the national programme in the fight against malaria in Niger; this is why we wanted to improve our more modern classification methods from an entomological viewpoint and, as result of this emphasis, to throw further light on the anopheles species found in Niger.
Morphological identifications are no longer adequate; this is why our study was intended to test a basic method of entomological investigation taking the methods for the transmission of malaria by means of the mosquito into account and putting the emphasis on the collection of information. On the one hand, the determination of the species and on the other hand, the measurement of the type of larval sites, anopheles density and in particular the evaluation of oocystic and sporozoic level.

KEY WORDS: Revitalisation, Entomological surveys

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