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Malaria and Infectious diseases in AfricaN5


Subject 1
Selected aspects of malaria control with an emphasis on unstable malaria areas
B.L. Sharp

Subject 2
Training and retraining in the fight against malaria in Africa
O. Gaye

Subject 3
The case management of malaria
R.T. Guiguemdé

Subject 4
Control of malaria in Africa
J.H. Ouma

Subject 5
Challenges to african malaria researchers
W.L. Kilama

Subject 6
Report on the antimalarial programme plenary session
E. Comlanvi

Subject 7
Replies to the opinion survey questionnaire

Subject 8
Trial of the Parasight®-F test for malaria diagnosis the primary health care, Zimbabwe
S. Mharakhurwa

Subject 9
The revitalisation of entomological surveys in Niger
S. Boureima & B. Fouta

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