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Malaria and Infectious diseases in AfricaN°7


Subject 1
Change in policy of management of acute malaria in a central hospital of Blantyre, Malawi
A.K. Khare & R. Chirakata

Subject 2
Monitoring glycemia in children cerebral malaria
J. Andoh, A.C. Boni, B.M. Niangue, M. Orega, K.J. Plo, T.A. M’Bengue, S. Oulai, R. Mshana, G. Roellents, P. Margaret & D. Bawa

Subject 3
An ecological observation on effects of drug use and handling on Ghanian malaria scenario in recent times
W.A. Chinery

Subject 4
Acute malaria: diagnosis issues
F.J. Louis

Subject 5
Study to evaluate community perspective on the use of impregnated linen for malaria control in Botswana
R. Diseko, D.W. Rumisha & T.R. Pilatwe

Subject 6
Plasmodium falciparum and chemoresistance, a 96 survey in Brazzaville
B. Carme, M. Ndounga, A.M. Kissila, A. Mbitsi, G. Samba & B. Tsika

Subject 7
Transmission of malaria and bancroftian filariasis in Magoda, north-east Tanzania
L.E.G. Mboera, E.M. Pedersen, F.M. Salum, F.H. Msuya & E.Z. Sambu

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