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Malaria and Infectious diseases in AfricaN2


Subject 1
Epidemiological study on the resistance of Plasmodium falciparum to Choloroquine in South-Cameroon (1989-1994)
F.J. Louis, J. Bickii, A. Lescieux & P. Ringwald

Subject 2
Antibodies against the repetitive epitope of the circumsporozoite protein of Plasmodium falciparum (NANP) 50 and malaria attacks in an endemic area of Burkina Faso
J.B. Ouédraogo, N. Coulibaly, A.R. Gbary, S.O. Coulibaly & T.R. Guiguemdé

Subject 3
Malarial survey in different epidemiological zones in Niger during the rainy season
S. Hamani Boureima

Subject 4
Antimalarial chemoprophylaxis surveillance in pregnancy in urban and rural communities in Togo
K. Agbo & A. Gayibor

Subject 5
Comparison of the efficacy, tolerance and acceptability of Halofantrine and the combination Mefloquine / Sulfadoxine/Pyrimethamine in the treatment of acute malaria in children
M. Kombila

Subject 6
Chloroquine resistance study in North Benin (in vitro tests)
E.C. Comlanvi, R. Josse, J. Foundohou, B. Helynck & M. Akogbeto

Subject 7
Clinical expression of Malaria: Why Mary and not John?
H. Manyanja-Kizza

Subject 8
Adult malaria in Yaounde
A. Same Ekobo, J. Lohoue, M. Mbangue, H. Gonsu & O. Bassong

Subject 9
Malaria and Transfusion: A study of the Donors of the Blood bank of the Hospital of Bobo-Dioulasso (Burkina Faso)
T.R. Guiguemdé, M.A. Sanou, J.B. Ouédraogo, N. Coulibaly, A.R. Gbary & S.O. Coulibaly

Subject 10
Practicability and acceptability of Mosquito bed nets in Honde Valley, a malaria endemic area in Eastern Zimbabwe
E. Chirebvu, S.K. Chandiwana & C. Masedza

Subject 11
Efficacy of Quinidine versus Quinine to treat malaria in Kenya
A.J. Oloo, W.M. Watkins, W. Ekissa & al.

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Reflections on the medicinal role of enzymes

... Short letters/Notices to the editor XVIIth technical conference of the O.C.E.A.C: Malaria and Trypanosomiasis

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