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Malaria and Infectious Diseases in AfricaN10

Subject 1
An integrated approach to malaria control in Africa
D.M.N. Okenu

Subject 2
Malaria in an urban environment in Africa
F.J. Louis, G. Martet, M. Morillon, J-E. Touze and D. Baudon

Subject 3
The therapeutic efficacy of Amodiaquine, Sulfadoxine-Pyrimethamine combination and Quinine in Senegal
O. Faye

Subject 4
Using Cotrimoxazole to treat childhood uncomplicated malaria in an area with multi-drug resistance in Tanzania
T.K. Mutabingwa, A.M. Rønn, I.C. Bygbjerg, E.K. Maina and E. Hills

Subject 5
Factors affecting the use of insecticide treated nets in a commercial farming community in Honde Valley, Eastern Zimbabwe
E.I. Chirebvu and S.K. Chandiwana

Subject 6
Blood parasite infection in pregnancy in Northern Nigeria: changes in haematological parameters and serum proteins
O.T. Njajou and D.D. Duhlinska

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