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Malaria and Infectious diseases in AfricaN9

The aim of the third PanAfrican Malaria Conference
Y. Dutheil

Subject 1
Insight into the African antimalarial programme during the period 1996-1997
Y. Kassankogno

Subject 2
World bank malaria control (3rd PanAfrican Malaria Meeting). The world Bank's Commitment to Malaria Control
E. Malangalila & J. Mbugua

Subject 3
O.A.U. policies and actions on malaria prevention and control in Africa
O.J. Khatib & R. Mshana

Subject 4
Review of the sensitivity / susceptibility of Plasmodium falciparum in Africa with special reference to Zimbabwe
S. Mutambu

Subject 5
Anopheles - Plasmodium - Relationships; consequences for the malaria transmission
V. Robert

Subject 6
Antimalarial chemoprophylaxis in Africa
M. Kombila & A. Same-Ekobo

Subject 7
Insecticide treated materials in malaria control
H.A. Mwenesi

Subject 8
Malaria vaccines: an african perspective
W.L. Kilama

Subject 9
The case management of uncomplicated malaria
J.B. Ouedraogo

Subject 10
The management of severe malaria
K. Marsh

Subject 11
Drug policy for treatment of malaria
A.K. Khare

Subject 12
Development of an antimalarial drug policy
J.J.W. Wirima

Subject 13
The efficacy of antimalarial drugs in Africa
A. Aguye

Subject 14
The pharmacokinetics and toxicity of antimalarials: a clarification
O. Ndir

Subject 15
Medicinal plants and traditional medicines: can they contribute in the malaria control?
H.A. Oketch-Rabah & J.W. Mwangi

Subject 16
The development of new anti-malarials
J. Horton

Subject 17
National programme against malaria, Kenyan experience
J.H. Ouma

Subject 18
The widespread promotion of impregnated bednets in Benin. A community based initiative: the tontine bednet
R. Kiniffo, S. Tohon & A. Massougbodji

Subject 19
PanAfrican malaria team network (malaria and internet)
S. Duparc

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