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Web sites focused on Malaria, Tropical Diseases and Health in Africa


The best Tropical Diseases Ring Web sites, regarding Malaria

  • Malaria: An on-line resource, a new malaria web site with excellent images. Includes Diagnosis, History, Prophylaxis and Treatment; there is also an innovative "Test & Teach" self assessment module. An ideal site for Clinicians, Laboratory Staff and Students,
  • Malaria, History of malaria research and control work with profiles for several countries, including India, Peru, Sri Lanka, and several countries of Africa. Malaria vectors: their biology, ecology and control,
  • Malaria in 53 African and Indian Ocean countries, French web site carried out by Dr Francis Louis from the Institut de Médecine Tropicale du Service de Santé des Armées, Marseille, France,
  • FAQ Malaria, French site suggesting some pertinent malaria sites, including the malaria clock.


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Discussion Lists on Malaria, Tropical Diseases and Health in Africa

  • Malaria discussion mail server, is a discussion list for anyone wishing to ask, or to communicate on the general subject of malaria.
    To subscribe:, type in the message: "subscribe malaria yourname" ;
  • TDR-Scientists electronic mailing list, is a global electronic Mailing list open to any scientists interested in TDR's work.
    To subscribe:, type in the message: "subscribe tdr-scientists" ;
  • AFRO-NETS, is a discussion list on health research in Africa. This list has been set up to facilitate the exchange of information between the different networks active in Health Research for Development in the Eastern and Southern African Region.
    To subscribe:, type in the message: "subscribe afro-nets" ;
  • ProMED-mail - PROgram for Monitoring Emerging Diseases. A central goal of ProMED is to establish a direct partnership among scientist concerned with emerging diseases in all part of the world.
    To subscribe:, type in the message: "subscribe promed" ;
  • EID - Emerging Infectious Diseases - a CDC quarterly list. CDC's new journal, Emerging Infectious Diseases, is now available electronically.
    To subscribe:, type in the message: "subscribe eid-toc" ;
  • WER - Weekly Epidemiological Records - a WHO list. Each friday, World Health Organisation issues the WHO weekly Epidemiological Records, table of content with a brief news flash are available via e-mail.
    To subscribe:, type in the message: "subscribe wer-reh" .
  • Discussion Groups. Group from India without moderator.


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