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  • Malaria Journal had participated to the
    XVth International Congress for Tropical Medicine and Malaria, that was held in Cartagena, Colombia from 20-25 August, 2000.
    The only on-line version of Malaria Journal was presented every afternoon at SB Exhibition Stand with the participation of African experts working on Malaria field:
    • Professeur Wen Kilama (Tanzania)
    • Professeur Emmanuel Bisagnéné (Côte d'Ivoire)
    • Professeur Steve Chandiwana (Zimbabwe)
    • Professeur Robert Guiguemdé (Burkina Faso)
    • Professeur Achille Massougbodji (Bénin)
    • Professeur John-Henry Ouma (Kenya)
    • Professeur Albert Samé-Ekobo (Cameroun)
    Have a look at our stand located in the exhibition hall, first floor of the Cartagena de Indias Conventions Center.


  • Last available article:
    Comparative study of ESR and CRP in acute malaria
    P. Bourée, F. Botterel et A. Lançon


  • Film presented in Paris on March 30th, 2000 at 7 PM (In French language):
    Paludisme l'hécatombe silencieuse


  • 3rd and previous PanAfrican Malaria Conference,
    held in Nairobi from the 22nd to the 24th of July 1998:

    Conference PanAfricaine
    PanAfrican Conference


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