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Instructions to authors

Manuscript in English should be submitted in triplicate to:

Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology Building
Ali Hassani Mwinyi Road, P.O. Box 33207
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Tel: 255-222-700018

Each submission should be accompanied by a signed letter from the corresponding author affirming that all authors concur with the contents and that the manuscript has not been and will not be published elsewhere as long as it is being considered by this journal.

Manuscripts must be submitted in triplicate on A4 paper, type written in 12 point font, double spaced throughout, and with a wide margin.

In order to minimize delays and facilitate editing, submit manuscripts on diskette or preferably e-mail. Please use IBM compatible PC.

For original scientific articles manuscripts should follow the following order:

  1. full title;
  2. authors'names and affiliations;
  3. address, telephone and fax numbers and the e-mail address of the corresponding author;
  4. a concise abstract of not more than 200 words;
  5. an introduction;
  6. separate sections for Material/Patients and Methods, Results and Discussion;
  7. separate paragraphs for acknowledgments, and listing of sponsors;
  8. a list of references cited and;
  9. legends for illustrations.

Tables and Figures should be numbered and attached to the manuscript separately. Their legends should be on separarate sheets.

Photographs should be on glossy paper, camera-ready, and their legends should be attached (possibility to send "gif" or "jpg" files). Do not write on the back of photographs.


Short Notes must not exceed two printed pages including tables and figures.


References in the text identify references by Arabic numerals [in square brachets]. The list of references should include only those publications which are cited in the text. Do not' alphabetize; number references in order which they are first mentioned in the text, showing the names and initials of all the authors, full title of the paper, name of journal, followed by volume, page(s) and year of the publication. In the case of books, the name and town of the publisher should be shown.

Examples :

  1. Ouédraogo J.B., Coulibaly S.O., Gbary A.R., Zampa H.O., Veas F. and Guiguemdé T.R.: Malaria pathogenesis: cytokine variation in patients asymptomatic to symptomatic stage of Plasmodium falciparum malaria infection. Malaria and Infectious Diseases in Africa (1998) 8:61-65

  2. Smith P.G. and Morrow R.H. (eds) : Methods for field trials of interventions against tropical diseases : a tool-box. Oxford University Press, New York 1991.

  3. Teklehaimanot Awash : Organization on Control In: Malaria : Waiting for the vaccine, G.A.T. Targett. (ed.), John Wiley and Sons Chichester 1991, p 169-179.


The corresponding authors of the best article each year will be sponsored to participate in a pertinent conference concerning tropical and infectious diseases.


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